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Experienced and Friendly


Pat’a Chou is a brand of French traditional bakery that took part in Vietnam market since 1997, with fortunately the management on production and product quality by Mr. Christian Chereau – ‘the Golden hands’ of Mercure award – the most honorable one in France.

Through almost twenty years standing firmly in this market, Pat’a Chou is proud to be the supplier of high quality bakery products to ‘tough’ clients such as El Gaucho, Starbuck, Coffee House, GS 25 … etc; along with five-star hotels, restaurants and Nội Bài international airport in Vietnam. Products by Pat’a Chou are also glad to have the trust and affection of people from General Consulates, from Banks, local and international Companies, organizations over Vietnam. Each and all customers have agreed at one point – the great satisfaction on the lovely and delicious products of Pat’a Chou which can be used both daily and in the various events in life.


A very special and outstanding product stream by Pat’a Chou is various kinds of the high quality biscuit. In addition to the daily usage, this kind of product should also be a kind of amazing presents that is very convenient to clients thanks to its elegant, dedicate designs and delicacy pleasing every single taste of Pat’a Chou customers. By this product, Pat’a Chou would like to express the respect and heartfelt care to the clients’ physical and mental life both. Many customers when passing by the international airports in Vietnam and enjoying Pat’a Chou products there have had very positive feedbacks with satisfaction and support on all products. That is really a priceless award to Pat’a Chou.

Moreover, with a deep respect to every customer of their diversity of needs all over the country, Pat’a Chou continues to deliver another excellent product through the system of locally well-known supermarkets and business centers – the fresh and delicious frozen one – that already achieved the very strict European standards.


Most of all is the rule that minds to Pat’a Chou – never and ever uses the chemical preservation on any of the products made, as well as keeps absolute hygienic conditions during the production processes. With great pride of itself, Pat’a Chou has always realized through time its consistent motto:


Pat’a Chou has ever been and keeps being in future time more and more creative to upgrade the quality of every single product, with the aim to serve the best to the clients in their everyday higher qualified lifestyle.